Celebration with Opening Bell Ceremony

Communication and Marketing Proposal

Thanks to our experience working with large companies, we know that an IPO is always a very important event that deserves maximum care with communication.

In January 2018, Corporación América Airports hired our services to create the marketing pieces and communication strategy for its IPO in the NYSE.

Therefore, we worked together with American Flag and the NYSE Multimedia team, creating and adjusting all the different digital and print assets for this event, providing 24hr integral service for a month.

The successful results can been seen on both the final assets and the quality of the service provided.

Proposta de Comunicação e Marketing

Por nossa experiência com grandes empresas, sabemos que uma IPO e sempre um momento muito importante que merece o máximo cuidado na comunicação.

Em Janeiro de 2018 o grupo Corporación América Airports contrata nossos serviços para desenvolver as peças de marketing e a estratégia de comunicação da sua IPO na NYSE.

Trabalhamos junto com a empresa American Flag e a equipe multimedia da NYSE, criando diferente peças e dando suporte onde fosse necessário ao longo de um mês de trabalho intenso.

A prova do sucesso está nas diferentes peças gráficas e audiovisuais e no serviço integral fornecido.



The banner facade is the main print item offered by NYSE. The whole NYSE facade gets covered with two huge banners.


The subway signs provides public awareness of the event and the brand new company at the NYSE.


digital DISPLAYs

Considering the location and specific dimensions of each display, we created a dynamic and versatile video with gentle transitions.



There are multiple HD display screens located in corridors in the 2 Broad entrance lobby, the 6th floor of the Big Board Club, and the Trading Floor Lobby at 11 Wall St. These displays alternate branding for groups hosting concurrent events at the NYSE, interspersed with an NYSE welcome message.



The grandest room in the Big Board Club, the Board Room features three large, high-definition LED screens which are built into the historic archways on the Broad Street side of the room. These vibrant screens offer numerous opportunities to display branding, video content, and presentations for your meeting, conference, special event or bell ceremony.



The Board Room features a 17-foot-wide, drop-down projection screen for branding and/or presentations. The two anterooms, on the North and South ends of the Board Room, each feature large, 98” HD displays. These screens can display company branding, such as alternating a logo and listed emblem, or feature your HD video on a constant loop.


The Media Cubes are large, four-sided LED displays that sit on top of the trading posts on the NYSE Trading Floor. Each of these six, high-impact displays display static or video content. These high visibility cubes are often featured prominently in broadcast news and photography.


We created a looping video of the Company’s logo and Listed Emblem with an elegant transition to be displayed on these iconic cubes.


The guest entrance to the NYSE at 2 Broad Street features a media wall spanning the entire length of the lobby. This is an opportunity to welcome guests and reach the NYSE community at large.


Using the logos, emblems and specific content, we produced this video to be displayed on the Broad Media Wall.



To maximize visibility on your bell day, the digital backdrop will display your logo, listed emblem and brand imagery. The layout is optimized to ensure maximum visibility on camera.


We designed this custom backgound using a map together with the company’s logo and listed emblem.